Should u s government reform its surveillance

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Why the US government Spies on its own Citizens

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Immigration Enforcement Along U.S. Borders and at Ports of Entry

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The Reform Government Surveillance coalition urges the world’s governments to adopt surveillance laws and practices that are consistent with established norms of. The U.S. government is supporting efforts to circumvent internet censorship and strengthen the digital security of human rights activists, but U.S.

companies are bolstering censorship by repressive regimes and making these activists more vulnerable to online surveillance. The ACLU, along with affiliates across the country, monitors the government’s respect for this foundational right.

We intervene—through police departments, the courts, and the dissemination of Know Your Rights materials—so that the right to public expression is respected for everyone. States across the United States are moving to crack down on illegal immigration passing strict Arizona-style enforcement laws.

In Kentucky Republican senators are currently pushing a bill that would dramatically expand law enforcement officials’ power to enforce federal immigration laws. The U.S. trade deficit with China was $ billion in The trade deficit exists because U.S.

exports to China were only $ billion while imports from China were $ billion. The United States imported from China $77 billion in computers and accessories, $70 billion in cell phones, and.

Done right, government policies and laws that make the nation more secure – like those authorizing electronic surveillance – should not undermine our constitutional rights. Emphasis: Done right.

Should u s government reform its surveillance
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The Ethics (or not) of Massive Government Surveillance