Portfolio-based writing assessments

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Student Portfolios as an Assessment Tool

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Writing 115 Portfolio-Based Assessment

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portfolio-based writing assessment emerges from the long history of writing assessment: from indirect multiple choice tests to direct timed impromptu essay tests to portfolio-based writing assessment (Hamp-Lyons, / ). Portfolio assessment can be used in addition to other assessments or the sole source of assessment.

•Different types of writing. for assessment purposes Focus is on evaluation of student work in it’s entirety and certifying accomplishment. Teacher should provide student with clear guidelines about content of portfolio and scoring criteria. If used to assess program goals, the content and organization of.

A school or classroom implementing portfolio-based assessments would collect various types of student work such as writing, art, photographs, class projects, and any other work that demonstrates student growth in the classroom.

They found that if students did well on these alternative assessments, they gained admission to college and tended to do well there.

The National Writing Project, begun in at the University of California at Berkeley, stemmed from a similar notion: that regular reviews of the process of writing, with repeated drafts and frequent editing.

Portfolio-based writing assessments
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Portfolios (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)