Not a nincompoop

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(nbc with its related cousin nincompoop): a person criticized as a nincompoop not because they are one per se but because they arrogant, megalomaniacal spendthrifts, -therefore behaving like nincompoops in the eyes of the person doing the criticizing.


FREDDIE calls President Donald Ramotar, a nincompoop President (KN Sep 21), but it is he who has shown himself to be a nincompoop. No self-respecting writer uses that kind of language to describe anyone, not least a President of a country. Well, that’s not exactly a word - it’s an acronym that stands for Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop, and it was invented in a May 7,post published by Tony Jewell on.

Nincompoop No.1 (International customers)

Definition of nincompoop in English: nincompoop. noun. A foolish or stupid person. Example sentences ‘It's great for you, too, because if your one guy is an ill-prepared nincompoop, then your whole country doesn't go down with him,’ she says.’.

Some_Nincompoop • 3 points • submitted 1 month ago Yeah, but this was during the riots in Baltimore. No one was allowed in the stadium except for the teams playing.

Joseph A. Bader/zack1324 the nincompoop,

Showering vitriolic on personalities is not a good practice except under unusual circumstances as the one presented on the political space by the said Joshua Akamba.

Not a nincompoop
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Is It God's Word?: Pharaoh, the Nincompoop