Hamlet act 1

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Hamlet ACT 1 Quotes

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Ms. Kizlyk – AP Language Semester 2 Hamlet Discussion Questions, Act 1 Act I, Scene 1 1) The play begins on a dark winter night outside Elsinore Castle in Denmark as a few watchmen. 3: What do Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia about in Act I?

That Gertrude is jealous of her beauty and will try to have her removed from court. That she should be careful to preserve her virtue in her dealings with Hamlet and should not believe all that he tells her. WORKSHEET FOR HAMLET, ACT 5. According to the Gravedigger’s conversation with Hamlet, what three events all occurred on the.

same day, thirty years ago? 1. 2. 3. Whose skull most affects Hamlet? Why? What final reference is made to Julius Ceaser? How is. The spirit resembles the late King Hamlet, Prince Hamlet's father. Horatio is unconvinced. As they attempt to convince him that the apparition is more than their imaginations, the.

Hamlet ACT 1 Scene 1 & 2

Hamlet Act-I, Scene-II Study Guide This scene opens in the court of King Claudius. The king is engaged in preaching ethics to his family members and courtiers regarding balancing life between sorrows and everyday preoccupations.

The guards and Hamlet's best friend Horatio decide to tell Hamlet that a ghost, the image of his dead father, is haunting the castle battlements. Claudius announces his marriage to the old King's.

Hamlet act 1
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