Gas gouging

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Wall Street greed fueling high gas prices

eat up (phrasal verb): use or consume a lot of something like fuel or electricity - My parents sold their truck because it ate up so much gas that is was no longer affordable to drive. gouge (verb): make people pay a lot for something - During natural disasters, some stores tend to gouge consumers by charging high prices for everyday goods.

lemon. The DFM series offers a range of products for the delivery of shielding gas in the arc welding process or any application where gas flow rates, versus delivery pressure, are the primary consideration.

NC stations run out of gas after ruptured pipeline leads to shortage

1. It is Korea’s only gouging carbon electrode manufacturing enterprise. Sincewe have been producing and selling gouging carbon electrode for 26 years. Parkway Corporate Center Parkway Avenue, Suite Ewing, NJ Phone: () Fax: () A Denton gas station was among four dozen statewide accused of price gouging during Hurricane Harvey that agreed Thursday to issue refunds to purchasers.

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Gas gouging
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