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William Stafford

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Stafford County, Virginia

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William Stafford Homework Help Questions. explain the title of the poem "travelling through the dark" by william stafford. This is a fantastic poem and a great question to think about. William Stafford’s “Freedom” is an example of free verse, in other words, poetry that does not follow a regular pattern of rhythm, rhyme, or stanza form.

Although free verse was very popular at the time Robert Frost was writing, he chose to stick with traditional forms, claiming that writing free verse is like “playing tennis without a. Stafford was a man who understood nature and creatures, and so I have to wonder what was he thinking in creating this bit of fiction.

Poem Hunter › William Stafford ›. Northern District of Alabama (N/AL) U.S. Marshal: Chester Martin Keely N. 5th Avenue, Room Birmingham, AL () Middle District of Alabama (M/AL). William Stafford was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 17, He received a BA and an MA from the University of Kansas at Lawrence and, ina PhD from the University of Iowa.

Freedom is not following a river. Freedom is following a river though, if you want to. It is deciding now by what happens now.

It is knowing that luck makes a difference. No leader is free; no follower is free-- the rest of us can often be free.

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Freedom by william stafford
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