Data streams write api

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Logging Amazon Kinesis Data Streams API Calls with AWS CloudTrail

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Hadoop HDFS Data Read and Write Operations

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DataStream API - Writing to and reading from Kafka

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Compressing and uncompressing stream with gzip. Encrypting and decrypting data stream with aes Creating sha1 digest transform stream. Create transform stream which filters sensitive information.

Streams API

PutRecord. Writes a single data record into an Amazon Kinesis data stream. Call PutRecord to send data into the stream for real-time ingestion and subsequent processing, one record at a time.

Each shard can support writes up to 1, records per second, up to a maximum data write total of 1 MiB per second. Internally, the add-on creates the Oracledb object as a singleton.

Reloading it in the same process creates a new pointer to the same object. Oracledb Constants. These constants are defined in the oracledb module. Usage is described later in this document.

It processes all of the data in the file as a series of discrete byte streams (each Alternate Data Stream is one of these byte streams), and each of the streams is preceded by a WIN32_STREAM_ID structure. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a managed service that scales elastically for real-time processing of streaming big data.

This document was last published on October 31, Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser. Apr 16,  · Alternate data streams are strictly a feature of the NTFS file system and may not be supported in future file systems.

However, NTFS will be supported in future versions of Windows NT. Future file systems will support a model based on OLE structured storage (IStream and IStorage).

Data streams write api
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