Background of slim cunning hands

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Apr 18,  · How do you guys interpret this short poem? its "slim cunning hands" by walter de la mare: "Slim cunning hands at rest, and cozening eyes- Under this stone one loved too wildly lies; How false she was, no granite could declare; Nor all earth's flowers, how fair" my first time through i got the sense of death and all of show more its "slim Status: Resolved.

Nov 12,  · Slim Cunning Hands by Walter De La Mare Walter De La Mare is a modern example of romantic poets who writes about abstract ideas such as death, dreams, emotions, and childhood fantasy worlds. He also writes novel which are just as comparable in excellence to his poetry.

Slim cunning hands at rest, and cozening eyes— Under this stone one loved too wildly lies; How false she was, no granite could declare; Nor all earth's flowers, how fair. Nov 13,  · "Slim Cunning Hands" Review "Slim Cunning Hands" by Walter de la Mare Born April 25,English poet and novelist Walter de la Mare is best remembered for his children's stories.

de la Mare was a recipient of the Carnegie Medal, and died in "Slim Cunning Hands" appeared in the volume Inward Companions, published in when the poet was 77 years old. I don't know the identity of the lady. I don't know the identity of the lady.

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She may well have been perfectly imaginary: de la Mare was nothing if not a poet of imagination.

Background of slim cunning hands
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