Australian airline industry

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Australian Airline Industry

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Australian biofuels could transform airline industry and create jobs

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The Australian airline industry traditionally has been relatively profitable by world standards, although this varies among airlines and sectors, reflecting the on-going consequences of the two airline policy and airport leasing agreements.

The size of the airline industry today, comprises of over airlines functioning more than aircraft, providing services to over airports that has contributed 35% of the global growth.

Over the past 30 years, the growth of global air travel has increased an average approximately of 5% per year.

Australian Airline Industry

Australian biofuels could transform airline industry and create jobs Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand looking for new partners to source biofuel, amounting to about 5% of total use Susan Pond.

38 rows · The airline industry in Australia began in the early s with Western Australian Airways. Australian Airlines was a full-service airline based in Australia, servicing Australian and Asian destinations between and It was an all-economy, full-service international leisure carrier, and was a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas, (although run independently of the mainline carrier).

Intense price competition between Qantas and Virgin Australia, the industry's two largest players, has strongly affected the industry's performance. Qantas and Virgin Australia slashed airfares over the two years throughwith Qantas attempting to hold off an aggressive push by Virgin to expand its market share.

List of airlines of Australia Australian airline industry
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Aviation industry in Australia