Application of bernoulli s theorem

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Bernoulli's theorem

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In oil foreign re-injection of high pressure natural gas to build oil recovery. Bernoulli's principle, sometimes known as Bernoulli's equation, holds that for fluids in an ideal state, pressure and density are inversely related: in other words, a slow-moving fluid exerts more pressure than a fast-moving fluid.

Since "fluid" in this context applies equally to liquids and gases.

Continuity equation

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Bernoulli Applications A Venturi meter is used to measure the flow rate through a tube. A very interesting application of the Bernoulli equation, for compressible fluids, concerns we may write Bernoulli’s theorem and the equation of continuity as.

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From here candidates can also download the PDF of SSC Junior Engineer Syllabus PDF by hitting the direct link. A continuity equation is useful when a flux can be defined. To define flux, first there must be a quantity q which can flow or move, such as mass, energy, electric charge, momentum, number of molecules, ρ be the volume density of this quantity, that is, the amount of q per unit volume.

The way that this quantity q is flowing is described by its flux. Bernoulli’s Theorem basically relates the pressure, velocity, and elevation in a moving fluid (liquid or gas), the compressibility and viscosity (internal friction) of which are negligible and the flow of which is steady, or laminar.

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Application of bernoulli s theorem
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Applications of Bernoulli's Equation - Finding Pressure, Velocity