A biography of theodore dreiser a famous novelist

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An American Tragedy

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Gertrude Stein

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Biography of Theodore Dreiser

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Gertrude Stein: Gertrude Stein, avant-garde American writer, eccentric, and self-styled genius whose Paris home was a salon for the leading artists and writers of the period between World Wars I and II. Stein spent her infancy in Vienna and in Passy, France, and her girlhood in.

An American fiction author and journalist who belonged to the naturalist school, he is best known for works such as An American Tragedy () and Sister Carrie (). A political activist and prominent socialist, he also wrote several politically-themed non-fiction works, including Dreiser Looks Born: Aug 27, Theodore Dreiser was praised as “the greatest living realist” of the early twentieth century.

Dreiser’s novels often reflect the tension between parents who immigrate to the New World and. The Theodore Dreiser Page at American Literature, featuring a biography and Free Library of the author's Novels, Stories, Poems, Letters, and Texts.

Theodore Dreiser Biography

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Summary Theodore Dreiser was a famous Novelist from USA, who lived between August 27, and December 28, He/she became 74 years old. Zodiac etc. He/she is born under the zodiac virgo, who is known for Analyzing, Practical, Reflective, Observation, Thoughtful.

A biography of theodore dreiser a famous novelist
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Biography of Theodore Dreiser